The SCHARFEN VA 4000 AT is the ideal automatic slicer for those who want to achieve professional results. Designed to slice a wide range of products quickly and easily. VA 4000 AT has a solid and durable structure. Stainless steel body and cutting blades provide trouble-free use for many years. The slicer comes with a blade guard. This guard helps protect knives from accidental injuries.

  • Cutting length:              255mm.
  • Cutting height: 195 mm.
  • Slicing speed: 25-55/min.
  • Variable slice thickness: 0-10 mm.
  • Blade width: 330 mm. Strong chrome plating
  • Voltage type: Three phase
  • Weight: 130 kg.
  • Average Dimension: (LxW) 1270x853x1330mm.
  • Conveying Belt: (LxW) 880×280 mm.
  • Product table: (L*W) 275×360 mm.
  • 99 Slicing Programs
  • Motor gücününm %98’ini dilimleyici bıçak için kullanır.
  • It is produced in Germany.