quality policy-elk


Power. Trust, Glory (ÜÇGE), we are committed to continuously improve the quality management system in all our national and international activities that we carry out with the philosophy of creating value for the future as ÜÇGE and to ensure the satisfaction of all our stakeholders at the highest level.

• Keeping our customers' satisfaction at the highest level and making sustainable contributions to their development
• Our most important value is to protect the rights of our employees with the human philosophy, to contribute to their development, and to carry out our activities in a fair, healthy, safe and supportive working environment.
• Strengthening our cooperation with our suppliers to increase the quality of the products and services they offer, and monitoring and supporting their development.
• To make our innovative approach sustainable in line with the rapidly changing business models in the world and to make all our systems and processes technological and digital.
• Adopting innovation as a dynamic element of corporate culture and supporting creative and innovative perspectives in order to be a pioneer in design, technology and innovation,
• Trying to achieve corporate resilience and operational excellence by managing risks and opportunities with a proactive approach in all our processes.
• To protect natural resources, the environment and ecological balance by observing the principle of Sustainable Resource Management in our entire value chain.
• In our business processes and relations with all our stakeholders; To fully comply with local and international ethical rules by giving importance to the principles of justice, transparency, honesty and equality, and to respect laws and regulations.
• To ensure continuous improvement and development in all activities we carry out, in line with measurable targets and standards.
• Meeting the applicable expectations of interested parties