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Flowpack Packaging Machines

Flowpack packaging machines are automatic packaging machines used to seal products with an airtight packaging material. These machines have a section used to wrap and seal the packaging material around the product, followed by a cutting section that cuts the material in the cutting area or in a separate device after sealing. Flowpack machines are commonly used in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical, and other industrial sectors. These machines can be used for fresh foods, candies, biscuits, nuts, medications, toys, stationery, and many other products.
Flowpack machines are versatile machines that can run at high speeds and process products of different sizes. These machines offer advantages such as easy operation, easy maintenance and low energy consumption. In addition, flowpack machines can be equipped with modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) technology, which can be used with any gas atmosphere to ensure sealing. In this way, longer shelf life of the products and better quality control can be achieved. With all these features, flowpack machines are a reliable option for the protection, storage and transportation of products.