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About Us

UCGE Electronics has been providing turnkey solutions to the retail and industrial sectors with its high quality service concept since 1994. The company is the pioneer within the many sectors involved, with the POWER, TRUST and GLORIOUS projects it has provided to its customers.

Retail Sector: Vacuum packaging, Slicing, Mincing, stretch packaging machines and Meat&Bone Saws:

Industrial Production and Logistics Facilities: It offers solutions based on suitable capacities for sectors in automatic/manual weighing labeling machines, checkweighers, floor and rail scales, product inspection and quality control equipment (metal detector, X-ray and Vision systems), meat processing (grinding, cubing, kutter, tumbler and slicer); thermoforming, gas tray sealing (MAP), stretch wrapping and vacuum machines, and end-of-line packaging solutions.

Efficient Solutions for manufacturing industries

ÜÇGE Electronic, is the sales and service supplier of processing, packaging, weighing&Labeling, checkweighing, Inspection and end of line packaging equipments for the retail and food, non-food manufacturing industries. 

The company is proud distributor and sales partner of several global and well known brands, in Turkey.