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MAP, Thermoforming and Tray Sealing Machines

MAP, thermoforming and tray sealing machines have a crucial place in food businesses. These machine systems are used to extend the shelf life of food products, ensure that they remain fresh and hygienic, and enable products to be displayed and transported in a better way. Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) technology is one of the most commonly used technologies in food product packaging. This technology changes the atmosphere inside the packaging by reducing the amount of oxygen, thus allowing the product to stay fresh for a longer time. This prevents products from being wasted and saves businesses money.
Thermoform packaging machines are specially designed machines for packaging food products. These machines shape the packaging according to the product and ensure that the product is protected more securely. In addition, thermoform packaging machines allow businesses to package their products more quickly and efficiently. Tray sealing machines are also very important for food businesses. These machines are particularly used in the packaging of ready meals. After the food product is placed on a pre-prepared plate or tray, it is sealed at the machine with h,igh standarts and presented to the customer in a hygienic manner. All of these machine systems help businesses ensure important factors such as speed, efficiency, product quality, and hygiene in their production processes. Additionally, they prevent waste and enable businesses to save money. Therefore, the use of MAP, thermoform packaging, and plate sealing machines is extremely important for food businesses.


Improving tech for more Shelf life

MAP technology reduces the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere inside the packaging by changing it, which enables the product to stay fresh for a longer time. In this way, the shelf life of food products is extended and waste is reduced. Similarly, thermoforming machines provide packaging that conforms to the shape of the product, ensuring that it stays fresh for a longer time.


MAP technology changes the gas mixture inside the packaging to improve the appearance of the products. This way, it is possible to attract more attention from the consumers. On the other hand, thermoform machines package products according to their shape, ensuring a safer transportation.

Hygienic & Healthy Packaging

MAP and thermoform machines ensure the hygienic and healthy packaging of food products. Packaging provides a hygienic environment that protects products from external factors. This way, it is possible to ensure hygienic conditions during the presentation of products to consumers.
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