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ÜÇGE Elektronik provides retail and industrial sectors with meat grinders, slicers, meat saws, and meatball machines in the meat processing category. These machines have an important place with their features that facilitate and speed up the meat processing process.
Meat grinders are designed to finely chop meats by grinding them. ÜÇGE Elektronik's meat grinders are made of high-quality stainless steel materials and equipped with a very powerful motor. Therefore, they can grind large amounts of meat quickly and easily. In addition, different grinding levels can be adjusted according to the users' needs.

Slicing machines are machines used to slice meat. ÜÇGE Electronics' slicing machines are equipped with high-quality stainless steel blades. These blades are extremely sharp and durable to slice the meat into thin, smooth, and equal slices. Slicing machines provide time and labor savings in the meat processing process.

Meat saws are machines used to measure the internal temperature of meats. ÜÇGE Electronics' meat saws stand out with their easy use and accurate measurement results. These saws are extremely important for controlling the cooking process of meats and consuming them safely.

Meatball forming machines are machines used to shape meatballs made from meat. ÜÇGE Electronics' meatball forming machines are made from high-quality stainless steel materials and equipped with a powerful motor. This allows for quick and easy shaping of large quantities of meatballs. In addition, molds and accessories are optionally provided for users to make forming in different sizes according to their needs.


Increased Efficiency

Meat processing machines provide a significant increase in efficiency in the production process by replacing manual operations. These machines work faster and more precisely, and make fewer mistakes than manual processes. This results in time and labor savings in the production process

Quality Control and Standardization

Meat processing machines facilitate the control of product quality. These machines enable accurate weighing and cutting processes as well as standardizing the shape and size of products, resulting in more consistent product quality.

More Hygienic Products

Machines operate under hygienic conditions and allow products to be packaged in a clean manner, ensuring that the products are healthier and safer. In addition, they reduce the risk of contamination and bacterial growth that may arise from manual processes.

Outstanding Product Portfolio with Competency

Meat processing machines can produce products in different sizes and shapes. This helps companies expand their product range and meet their customers' demands. They can also produce more efficient, hygienic, and high-quality products. This helps companies increase their competitiveness, market share, and profitability.

Products Output from this category

  • Mincing Machines 

Grinding operations can be performed.
Ingredients for making meatballs can be prepared.
Grinding process required for making sausages can be performed.
Frozen meats can be ground and thawed.

  • Slicing Machines

Meat can be sliced and sold.
Products such as ham and salami can be sliced.
Preparation can be made for packaging sliced products.

  • Meat Saws

Correct thickness of meat can be ensured.
Products can be cut into standard sizes.
Boneless meat can be obtained according to the user's preference.

  • Meatball forming machines:

Proper meatballs can be shaped.
Standard measurements can be given to the products.
Labor can be saved.
The products that come out of the machines are meat products such as ground meat, meatballs, sausages, sliced meats, ham, and salami. These products are offered to customers by businesses such as restaurants, markets, and butchers.

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