Selecta ensures that all aspects of the production process are measured to take any necessary improvement measures. It avoids the uncertainty and cost of manual sampling by checking the entire production batch. Prevents overfilling to stay within required tolerances. It reports any anomalies in upstream filling systems in real time, thus preventing errors and production waste. Provides data and reports for the corporate quality system. Allows searching for lost items.
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•10.4'' Color touch screen
•Number of bands: 3
•Max. Speed: 240 pcs./min.
•Tape length: 400 mm.
•Band width: 250 mm.
•Weighing limit: 20g – 1200g
Indicator range: 0.2g
•Weighing limit: 20g – 3000g
Indicator range: 0.5g
•Min weight: 20g
•MID approved
•IP54 protection level
•Operating temperature: + 5°C / + 40°C
•Çalışma ortam nemi: %20-85
•Reject ramp
•Air blast ejector