ÜÇGE Group Companies

Power, Trust, Glory

With its 47 years of experience, ÜÇGE is one of the largest suppliers of the retail and logistics industry in the world. ÜÇGE, which exports to 92 countries of the world, has 100 thousand square meters of production area in 6 separate factories established in Bursa. The company, which has distributorships in 40 countries, produces store equipment and warehouse shelving systems for many sales areas in hypermarkets, DIY stores, boutiques, electronic markets, pharmacies, glassware and other different branches of the industry, with special production for its product range.
ÜÇGE also developed at its R&D Center; It is implementing its new generation smart products focused on innovation and technology, appealing to retail, logistics, industry and all sectors, under its new brand blu.xone. ÜÇGE, which has 13 regional representatives in Turkey, provides service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with its 750 employees. ÜÇGE, which processes 90 thousand tons of steel and 50 thousand sheets of wood raw materials annually, is moving forward with the aim of becoming number 1 at the international level.

ÜÇGE Electronic

Effective Solutions for Retail and Food & Non-Food Manufacturing Industries

ÜÇGE Elektronik A.Ş., which has been supplying technological products to Retail and Industrial production facilities since 1994, carries out the distributorship of world brands in Turkey.

Retail Sector: Vacuum packaging, Slicing, Mincing, stretch packaging machines and Meat&Bone Saws:
Industrial Production and Logistics Facilities: It offers solutions based on suitable capacities for sectors in automatic/manual weighing labeling machines, checkweighers, floor and rail scales, product inspection and quality control equipment (metal detector, X-ray and Vision systems), meat processing (grinding, cubing, kutter, tumbler and slicer); thermoforming, gas tray sealing (MAP), stretch wrapping and vacuum machines, and end-of-line packaging solutions.

ÜÇGE DRS Warehouse Racking Systems

Minimum Space, Maximum Storage

ÜÇGE DRS Warehouse Shelving Systems, serving with the understanding of Innovative Warehouse Solutions; specially designed for retail, logistics and industrial sector heavy and light load warehouse racking systems And smart storage solutions manufactures.

The annual production capacity of our company, which produces customer-specific solutions, in its production facility located in Mustafakemalpaşa Organized Industrial Zone,

Beams production approx. 5,000 tons,

In Highrack Foot production 60,000 tonsStop.

The company, which has a leading structure with the 'firsts' it has created in the sector, implements serious projects every year with its R&D department and receives support. TÜBİTAK, BEBKA, TURQUM and SME support projects undersign successful projects

ÜÇGE Shopfitting & Design

Rational Solutions in the Retail Industry

ÜÇGE, with its years of experience and innovative vision, in the construction of markets, hypermarkets, discount and cash & carry stores, with efficient use of space from 50 m2 to tens of thousands of m2 and designs that highlight the products. Your biggest solution partner for your stores.

ÜÇGE Shopfitting & Design adds prestige to its product shelves, thanks to the special concepts it offers to the retail sector, and ensures that the products are exhibited in the best and safest way. The very special options offered by ÜÇGE technology for bakeries, patisseries, markets and hypermarkets have been adding warmth to stores for years with the rich combination of wood and metal. Creatively designed wall sections, middle pools and mobile stands are produced in the ÜÇGE OSB Headquarters factory, which has high quality raw materials and technological production lines.

ÜÇGE, the first cash register manufacturer in Turkey, offers its wide product range and ergonomics with innovative solutions designed for your store's needs. Considering the best for its customers in every field, ÜÇGE offers the highest quality products and services as a solution partner in store entrance and exit security systems.

REVEGO Environmental Solutions

Recycle for your future

REVEGO was established as a company with superior technology to recycle used beverages and packaging without harming the nature, and is one of the 10 companies operating under the umbrella of the ÜÇGE group of companies. REVEGO adopts the principle of transformation, which is the cornerstone of building the future. Our organization has assumed a leading role in the field of environmental technologies and has taken steps to shape our sustainable future. We imagine not only the way we do business, but also how the world can transform and create solutions.
World Warenhandels GmbH

ÜÇGE in the Center of Europe

As a company that exports to 90 countries, ÜÇGE cooperates with its sales team and warehouse organization in order to reach and serve the retail sector more easily on the international platform. The center of Europe is in Cologne, Germany completed its restructuring.

Economy Publications - perakende.org

Innovative Retail News Portal

Turkey's first online retail news portal, Perakende.org, has been broadcasting to the sector since 2005 with the vision of becoming the news center of the retail with the 28 years of experience of Ekonomi Yayınları.

Retail.org is the leading brand of the sector with its ever-increasing readership profile, the privileged services it offers to its members, and its ever-developing technological infrastructure, with the pride of always breaking new ground.

Damlacan Metal Industry - Eurometall

 For those who love the workplace

The easy way to add value to your workplace, Eurometall serves all businesses that love the workplace, with thousands of products offered under dozens of categories such as merchandising, storage, logistics, industrial, office, living and decoration.

Bringing together its own brands such as Eurocar, Eurobox, Eurogate, Clenns and leading global brands in their fields with target sectors, Eurometall adds value to all businesses with its innovative and benefit-oriented approaches, continues to be Turkey's leading brand in the field of equipment solutions.

In addition to its corporate and dealer sales channel, with its strong e-commerce infrastructure, which is the first in its field in Turkey eurometall.com.tr It offers numerous opportunities through its official website.

ÜÇGE Foreign Trade

Our Door to the World

ÜÇGE Foreign Trade carries out the export organizations of the group.

Founded in 1998, ÜÇGE Foreign Trade, products offers to foreign markets and carries out export activities.

ÜÇGE; It reaches all over the world with its experienced team, quality and speed.

ÜÇGE Real Estate Inc.

Right Investment A Good Future

ÜÇGE Real Estate, since 2007 manages real estate investments and leasing processes.

TGM Technology and Machinery Development Center

Innovation and Technology Base

It carries out the necessary technology and machinery investments for the Group within its own structure.

In the Technology and Machinery Development Center, necessary technological investments are made for ÜÇGE Group Companies.

Required for production All improvement works are done entirely by in-house engineers and technicians. is being carried out.


Accurate and Continuous Growth

We consider it our main goal to be among the top three companies in the world market in the sector we serve, with our "POWER", "TRUST" and "GLORY" works we give to our customers.


our mission

Comprehensive and Effective Solutions

In all the areas that we supply, we consider it our duty to deliver better quality products at a more economical price in a shorter time and to contribute to the development of the sectors we serve.