Fabbri Group Printed Stretch Film

Fabbri Group provides solutions for stretch film packaging, recognized as the international market leader for decades.
Stretch is the cheapest and most practical type of packaging and is widely used to wrap fresh and very fresh produce in supermarkets and industrial packaging lines around the world.

Superior properties such as special “skin effect”, special anti-condensation properties and typical “memory effect”,
Together with the wide variety available, Fabbri Group makes stretch film the leading product in fresh food packaging.
industry. As a further advantage for the customer, the printed version significantly helps promote the trademark and product
By being placed directly on supermarket counters, it attracts the consumer's attention and strongly determines the purchasing tendency.
Thanks to the innovative ten-colour technology and the superior quality of CMYK four-colour printing, the printed film
By eliminating the need to apply labels to packaging, Fabbri Group saves resources and extends the shelf life of the product.
helps him breathe. Fabbri Group also offers a fully committed service through its in-house graphics department.
In synergy with the customer, it has the ability to determine the best graphic line to package its products and promote them in the market.