Vakona ESK 850 STL Tumbler

The Vakona ESK 850 STL Tumbler is an energy-efficient refrigeration mixer designed for the meat, poultry and fish processing industry. It has a hopper capacity of 850 litres and requires a 16 A power supply. This mixer is ideal for mixing, stirring, massaging, marinating and cooling meat products. Its rotating arm ensures even mixing and cooling of products.
• 99 programme touch screen
• Parameters: total, run and pause time, rotation speed, temperature, vacuum level, ventilation ranges, bowl angle position and automatic bowl shaking mode.
• Stainless steel construction
• Direct cooling system with powerful cooling unit
and heat exchanger in double-walled chamber, stainless steel
• 850L boiler volume
• 100 - 650 kg process capacity
• Touch screen control unit for manual and automatic operations
• Refrigerated and vacuum tumbler
• High performance automatic vacuum pump
• Automatic and programmable ventilation circulation
• Automatic hygienic water separator
• Aseptic filter for ventilation sterilisation
• Adjustable rotation speed
• 3- 18 rpm adjustable tumbler arm at variable speedss
• Electrically controlled, angular boiler positioning
• Electric actuated cover
• Made in Germany