System Square SX2-2554HW X-ray Control

With the X-Ray systems it has developed, System Square can easily detect many products from metal to stone, glass to wood in food and remove them from production lines.

Weight Capacity :  5kg
Conveyor Belt Speed:  15-45m/min *2
Band width : 270mm
Waterproof Structure: IP66
Power Connection :  AC100V±10%/AC200V±10% 1.0kVA 50/60Hz

With System Square devices, many operations such as foreign object, broken product and/or missing product, weight, packaging closure control can be performed in a single device at the same time.

  • φ0.3mm iron or stainless ball, stone, glass, hard bone
    and high density plastic parts, etc.
  • 15.6 inch wide TFT color LCD (touch panel)

Precise Control

Control up to 1 gram even at the highest industrial speed rates

User friendly

No calibration or learning procedures are required with EasyWeigh® technology.

Easy Operation

Visual control, marking, monitoring systems, barcode readers etc. can be fully integrated with .