Ilapak Vegatronic 6000 Vertical Packaging Machine

The continuous film motion bagging machine can pack both dry and wet products in a variety of bag styles, including pillow, block bottom, Quattro (stand-up flat block bottom bags with four corner seals, also known as Stabilo bags), EasyPack and Doypack. The film carrier design enables the production of packages up to 280 mm wide (680 mm for Quattro packages).

  • Highest performance at the lowest cost of ownership
  • Easy access to all machine components – Easy monitoring Quick forming tube and film reel change – Washing application
  • Wide variety of packaging styles (cushion, BB, Quattro) and films (laminate, LDPE, paper, etc.)
  • Ultrasonic: drastic reduction in leakage rate, film saving, energy saving

High speed continuous VFFS machine
Hygienic Open Frame design
High versatility
Ultrasonic sealing option