Fabbri Group Automac 55 Più
Fully Automatic Stretch Packing Machine

Great reliability, flexibility and speed, along with a large production capacity wherever high productivity is required, makes the A-55 PIU suitable for large producers, poultry producers, fruit and vegetable packaging facilities, fish and mushroom packaging facilities and hypermarkets. makes it an excellent choice. 

Speed : 35-55 Packs/Minute
(with High Speed Device Option) : 62 Packs/Minute
plate size : (LxWxH) Min 120x120x10 mm Max 230x320x200 mm (*)
Option A: Min 180x180x10 mm Max 260x407x200 mm (*)
Movie Type : It works with all movie models.
Film Thickness : It should be between 14-35 Microns.
Film Roll Width : 330-550mm. may be between
Programmable Movie Length : 350-700mm. may be between
Supply voltage : 208/230/400 V three-phase + PE – 10% + 6% – 50 Hz
Maximum Power During Operation :  4700W
Weight : 630 Kg

With the high-speed version, the speed of the original model was increased with mechanical and software modifications, increasing the speed from 55 packages/minute to 62 packages/minute.

A-55, which uses only stainless steel, aluminum and plastic materials in its production, is the leader in packaging devices with automatic stretching method.

  • Feeding conveyor that can be added up to 7 meters
  • Photocell for band connection control Product output control
  • Automatic transport Photocell for centering of printed film
  • Integration with the second roller apparatus A-type product lift
  • Side Stretch Device
  • Apparatus for special plate sizes