Omet F10B Vacuum Filling Machine

Vacuum Filling Machine,
-An electronic driving system controlled by a fully waterproof PLC ensures high efficiency, reliability and noise-free operation. – All operating parameters of the machine can be entered from the “TOUCH SCREEN”, which is an electronic control panel. An extremely simple graphical user interface guides the operator in setting and monitoring parameters.
• Hopper capacity: 90/160/260 lt.
•Motor power: 10 kW
•Max. Product capacity: 5.600 kg.
• Portion range: 5- 10.000 gr.
•Portion speed max: 750 pieces/min.
•Filling pressure Max. : 50 bars
•Stainless steel, strong structure,
•Effective cleaning thanks to smooth surfaces and no corners.
• It can work integrated with all kinds of clips machines.
• A standard a synchronous motor controlled by an inverter and an extremely simple control panel programmable with touch screen control
The combined effect of the 20 m3 vacuum pump and the auger with the counter auger in the chamber provides compact and airless products even with hard and low temperature raw materials.
•Weight: 800 kg.
•Hydraulic loading device (for 200l car)
•It is made in Italy.