MADO cutter is a professional product with chamber capacities of 100, 130 and 220 liters, used both in large butchers and in the meat industry. The body and all functional elements made of stainless steel provide high durability and hygienic cleanliness. The free-running cutter chamber eliminates cleaning water ingress. Programmable touch control offers easy use and recipe saving. Gradually variable blade shaft and mixing speed ensure precise cutting and mixing. Preset automatic shutdown guarantees safe operation. The temperature sensor in the cutting area ensures optimum measurement results. Energy-saving drives controlled by frequency inverters provide smooth starting and braking. The VA version has an automatic hydraulic vacuum cover. MADO cutter is the ideal solution for the production of excellent quality food. These cutters, which stand out with their durability, hygienic cleaning and ease of use, are an indispensable product for large butchers and the meat industry. To review other mado products click here.

•Knife shaft revolution U/min_: 500-5000 RPM/min.
• Quantity per blade_______: 8 pieces
• Rated Capacity_____: 135 kW
• Forward-reverse mixing___: 50-500 rpm.
• Chamber revolutions per minute: 8-20 rpm.
• Hopper capacity______: 220 lt.
• LCD control panel for device control
• Machine weight________: 5,000 kg.

• A separate switch feature for each function
• Variable speed setting
• It has a closed, smooth and hygienic design.
• It is stainless steel.
• The machine body is completely closed and has an integrated ventilation system.
• It is vacuum operated and the vacuum pump is of optimum size.
• It is produced in Germany.